Massage Therapy Add On’s

Massage Therapy Add On’s

Hot Towel-You’d be surprised how much further a Hot Towel could further relax your treatment! Dont take our word for it, try it yourselves with your next treatment!  (Cold Towel app also available) $5
Hot Stone Back Sampler Never had hot stones but curious to know if you’d love them? This is the perfect add on for you! $5
Scented Oil / Lotion- Choose from a range of delicious scents from chocolate, cinnamon bun, coconut, pumpkin spice, chai tea, chardonnay, candy corn, red velvet, pink lemons, conversation candies, lavender bamboo sugar cane, gingerbread, apple pie, candy krush, peppermint, hazelnut, beaches (some scents seasonal). Want a specific scent? Ask we are always getting new ones in! $5
Target Focus- We Will use specific linaments, oils, & hot towel, to focus on a specific region to target pain relase. $5