Massage Therapy

A Variety of different massage treatments are available at Aria. 100% is put into every treatment whether it be a basic Swedish relaxing massage, a warm stone massage, or a deep tissue. As the client, the pressure, type of treatment is up to you, because when you are at Aria you are the only client and it is all about YOU! Choose too add a scent, or aromatherapy, try maybe a nice soothing hot towel…up to you! Aria is named after the Italian meaning air, simply because you will feel like you are on a cloud after you leave ! Click the Drop down to view details on massage options!


Sign up For the Monthly Program at Aria 

You sign up for 3 months for only $240 and pay only $80 per Session you and can even use towards a facial if you wanted to. 

You may cancel at any time after the 3 months…but why would you want to !