SkinCare Add On’s

Add On’s

Eminence Organic Lip & Eye Treatment The Eminence eye treatment deeply hydrates the delicate skin around the eyes, erases fine lines, and reduces puffiness and dark circles while gently exfoliating the skin to reveal a new you underneath. The citrus lip treatment gently erases dryness and fine lines. A moisturizing lip balm is the final touch $25

Bio Patented Non Invasive Botox Alternative A Combination of natural peptides help to improve wrinkles and lines

50% in just 10 minutes ( Consecutive 6 Week Series Recommended) $50 

Shown Below Before photos , Week 1, Week 2, Week 3, following weeks to come. Notice the lines, the bags under the eyes how they just keep fading!

IMG_6573 IMG_6572

Bio Jouvance Cleopatra’s 24K Gold Serum with Bio Roller $30

Bio Jouvance Caviar Age Defy Serum with Bio Roller $30

Microdermabrasion Help remove the top layer of dead skin and allow fresh new skin to grow and glow $30

Foot Massage with Warmers Enjoy a soothing foot massage while  your facial masque is on $25