Hyperpigmentation & Skin Lightening

Hyper-pigmentation & Skin Lightening 

Nourish and protect your skin while brightening hyperpigmentation and dark spots with active Gigawhite and a natural alternative to Hydroquinone that targets pigment gently while protecting new skin.  A solution to lightening stubborn pigment as well as prevent future damage. Includes micodermobrasion or bio rolling.

Treatment time:  50 minutes


Take your treatment to the next level with Bright Skin Exfoliating Peel $105

 *Recommended Home Care:

Strawberry Dermfoliant Daily

Illuma Brightening  Cleanser & Serum , Vital C Repair Cream

*Did you know? Did you know Hydroquinone is illegal in almost all countries besides the US. It is a bleach and though you may see results long term affects are more damaging. Where as  The Bright Skin Line includes ingredients that not only decrease current hyper pigmentation, stops in the making and protects future inflammation ( which leads to hyper pigmentation aka dark spots)