Anti Aging & Skin Tightening

Anti Aging & Skin Tightening Facial

We all look in the mirror at one point and say where did the time go, lets bring it back! After the age of 25 you lose a teaspoon of volume a year. An Anti aging facial aids in plumping and tightens the skin using a combination of antioxidants, paprika and hylauronic acid. These organic ingredients assist in softening fine lines and increasing hydration levels in the skin.  Ultrasonic and uplifting massage to help relax and lift .facial muscles The result is a firmer texture and glowing result.

Treatment time:  50 minutes


VIP Anti Aging Facial $120

This facial includes all the same steps as the Anti Aging but includes specialized lip and eye treatment.

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*Recommended Take Home Products:

Cleanser: Firm Skin Cleanser Removes excess surface impurities leaving the skin thoroughly clean and soft provides the skin with skin nourishing antioxidants to fight free radical damage improves skin elasticity balances and improves skin texture features hyaluronic acid hydrates and plumps the skin to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles acai berry juice rejuvenates and improve skin tone.

            Monoi Cleanser -Finely ground olive seeds gently exfoliate to even skin tone and texture while botanical enzymes and alpha hydroxyl acids promote new cell growth for a more youthful appearance. Monoi coconut oil improves elasticity as vitamin E offers antioxidant protection from free radicals.

Exfoliator: Monoi Cleanser, Red Currant Exfoliator

Serum: Bamboo Firming Fluid-Stimulates Collagen Production increase by 25% in just 6 Days ( Use in day )

Firm Skin Serum:  Improves skin tone with Hyaluronic acid smooths and plumps skin reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles

Lavender Age Corrective Night Concentrate: Increases Fat Cells Under Skin (Great to Use with Facial Recovery Oil at Night)

Facial Recovery Oil: Release Endorphins & helps increase collagen production, Healing & so much more

Monoi Face & Neck Cream:Softens and strengthens the skin of the face and neck. Improves skin density,Smoothes wrinkles from the inside out Deeply hydrates and rejuvenates the skin overnight.